How Memory Has an Effect on How We Feel

Do you realize that a memory can trigger your anxiety or depression? A thought of something can “take you back,” and your body will react as if whatever that memory is…is happening right now.

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself anxious or sad after a thought. And when you feel anxious or depressed and are not sure where the feeling came from (as if it came out of nowhere)….consult with yourself. Did you think of something /somewhere from your past? Sometimes that is all that it takes (depending on how sensitized you are). It’s okay… Do you know that your brain does not know the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow? A therapist told me this..and I was so amazed. But it’s true. Your brain reacts to what you tell it.

Don’t avoid memories. Have your memories. Just remember that if you find yourself anxious or depressed…that it is not “reality”…but something from a memory.

3 thoughts on “How Memory Has an Effect on How We Feel

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  1. I suffer from morning depression and the big part of the depression is all the memories. This entry definitely helped me to ease the pain. Thanks for sharing and keep spreading the knowledge on mental health!


    1. I want to thank you for your comment. You turned my thoughts around last night when I saw your message. I have been having a really hard time. And you reminded me…that a memory can affect so much. I say it. I know it…but sometimes I forget too. Thank you for your kind words.

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