So I get on facebook ALOT. It’s an escape…almost. Right now, I should be doing some work, but I feel anxious and out of habit, I just pop on facebook. However, I have found..that with most things in life..when I am on facebook..searching groups…seeing what others are doing..I GET ANXIOUS. I feel so sad..because everyone else is going about their lives and I feel like I am just sitting back..in my shell.
I am comparing myself to others…even though I have said to many…not to compare yourself to the best that others can do.
I get caught up though in the lives of others….and get anxious or depressed. I can either take on what I think they are feeling..as an extreme empath…or I can get down on myself that I don’t have the life they have.
I do this in my every day walk with life. Everyone I meet…I have a story in my head…about how I wish…I could do that …or be them…
I went to therapy last night, and my therapist told me that I need to stop googling (duh..why didn’t I think about this). She also said that I need to stay out of these groups.
As someone with OCD (or so “they” say), I seek reassurance. Its’ a compulsion to post in these groups, seeking reassurance…or to see what others are dealing with..to see if I am okay..
So…today, I went on facebook..and did the opposite of what I was told to do…and the anxiety started peaking.
The depression set in.
It was already there to start..but it escalated. Therefore…for today, I make this promise to myself..and to you…just for today..no facebook for me.

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    1. I tried. I didn’t go on the sites that I had previously gone on…where I would look for reassurance. I almost felt scared to do so. I checked in…later…and liked a few comments my friends had put up… But to be honest, I almost feel like staying away from facebook. So..I will try again today.

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