A Bad Morning Does Not Have to Make for a Bad Day

Taken from the infamous, Claire Weekes, a bad morning DOES NOT have to make for a bad day. I would have (can still have) terrible mornings, when I can’t even imagine getting out of bed or walking out of the door. However, I do. Looking back on such a bad morning just keeps the anxiety and depression escalated. I can worry that this feeling will last forever or I can remind myself that what I am feeling right now, is a memory (even that not so long ago, this morning)…or a forecast into the future. Just because I had a bad morning, does not mean that I have to analyze it so that it doesn’t happen again. Instead, what I need to do is move on from the morning and look forward to the day (rather than fearing it). It’s okay to feel bad, but don’t waste your day, worrying about the bad morning. As Joel Osteen says, “don’t let it rob your joy.”

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